Test Execution Summary Report

Test Execution Summary Report gives number of test cases executed by different testers along with total execution time.

Look for indicators: analyze, decide and improve processes :

Indicator Conclusion / Deciding Factor Action Process Improvement

Number of Test Cases executed by a particular tester is very high as compared to time taken for execution.

Test cases picked by that tester are straight forward with less number of steps and complexity.

Application area is newly developed or not tested before.



Users can also refer to these detailed reports for more details :

1. Test Execution Detail :

Users can see all test cases executed by a particular tester with details like Application Area, Title, Status, Tested By, Executed On and Duration i.e. time taken to execute the test case.

Use => We can see test cases which are taking more time for execution and see whether we can reduce this time by writing simple steps or reducing number of steps.

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