Application Area Wise Bug Summary Reports

Application Area Wise Bug Summary Report shows number of bugs filed as per different Application Areas during filtered dates.

Look for indicators: analyze, decide and improve processes :

Indicator Conclusion / Deciding Factor Action Process Improvement

Number of bugs for a particular Application Area is high.

Complexity of this Application Area is more.

Developers who worked on this were not having complete understanding of application/domain/technology.

Developers having decent understating of application/domain/technology should be working on complex part.

1. Pair programming should be practiced.

2. Regular trainings should be provided to the team.

3. Developers and testers should work more closely.

Users can also refer to these detailed reports for more details :

1. Application Area Bug Details :

This sub report shows list of all bugs for a particular Application Area. This report contains details like Bug Id, Test Case Id (if applicable), Title of bug and date on which the bug was last updated on.

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