Kanban Summary Reports

Kanban Summary Report shows number of tasks, SLA time, Average Actual Time Spent, Average Lead Time, Average Cycle Time and status of SLA on Lead and Cycle time for all Kanban boards.

Look for indicators: analyze, decide and improve processes :

Indicator Conclusion / Deciding Factor Action Process Improvement

Average Actual Spent Time is more than SLA Time.

Team is taking more time to work on Kanban tasks.

Tasks can be complex or the team members working on these tasks are not completely aware of technology/application.

Team members should be provided more knowledge of technology / application.

Regular knowledge sharing sessions should be given to team members.

Users can also refer to these detailed reports for more details :

1. Kanban Task Details :

This report shows list of all Kanban tasks for a particular Kanban Board. This report contains task details like Created On, Started On, Lead Time, Cycle Time, Backlog Time, Actual time and status of SLAs on Lead & Cycle times (missed or achieved).

Use => This report helps know SLAs of all Kanban tasks on a single click.

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