Fail Test Summary Report

Fail Test Summary Report gives details of all failed test cases while executing a particular test cycle. This report contains Title of the failed test case, name of the Tester, Status, Date and Application Area which it belongs to.

Look for indicators: analyze, decide and improve processes :

Indicator Conclusion / Deciding Factor Action Process Improvement

Number of failed test cases for a particular Application Area is high

Application Area is not stable and so is the build.

Application area is newly developed or not tested before.

Cannot deploy this build.

Developer need to focus more on this Application Area. Testers need to test this application area properly.

1. We should have proper check on build server to get good quality build.

2. We should have enough unit, integration and UI tests run on build server before deploying build for manual testing.

3. Developers should focus on writing quality code.

Users can also refer to these detailed reports for more details :

1. Fail Test Detail :

Users can see all details of the failed test cases like Title, Application Area, Test Steps, Expected Result, Actual Result, Tester, Attachment, Remark and External Link.

Use => Check whether there are bugs filed for these failed TCs.

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